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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Out The Right Time When to Conceive

July 3rd, 2011
Find out the right time when to conceive, want to know how? Conceiving is the most wonderful time in life that a couple experience thrill and excitement for their offspring’s image and gender.  However, to relate to such feelings, husbands and wives should be equipped with the necessary things to produce a healthy and beautiful baby.  Once such preparations are made by couples, it is then the exact time when to conceive.  To determine what kind of readying it is, the following are the essential aspects that allow partners to decide when to conceive:
•    Financial Readiness – Marrying is not an only event that couples should financially prepare and save.  Pregnancy is also another major change in life that requires monetary preparation to provide sufficiently what’s best for the child and the child bearing mother.
•    Age – oftentimes, it is much favorable to bear child at the right age since motherhood in early age offers risk to a child including the mother due to poor decision making and financial unpreparedness.
•    Health Condition – women with reproductive disorders such as tubal blockage, endometriosis and incompetent ovaries and males with poor sperm quality requires a thorough work up before making decisions when to conceive.  Thus, if couples won’t like to waste their efforts on baby making, it is much advisable to correct the abnormalities to ensure conception success.
•    Unhealthy Vices – habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking should be given careful thinking by couples when trying to conceive.  Alcohol and smoking promotes low birth weight to newborns including abnormalities on physiologic and physical aspects.  Thus, if plans when to conceive has occurred, better seek medical help to avoid withdrawal syndrome and allow the body to get used to no smoking and no drinking policy.
•    Maintenance Medications – individuals on maintenance drugs must make a doctor’s visit prior to making conception plans to make some adjustments that allows baby making possible yet maintaining the safety of the person on medication.  Drugs like anti-depressant and anti-convulsant are the medications that must be carelessly halted and omitted if physician’s consult is not made.
When to Conceive – Catching with Ovulation
Oftentimes, conception becomes a failure when intercourse happens not on the ovulation period.  Thus, to determine how ovulation signals, the following will assist women and men in identifying if the female partner is ovulating:
•    Cervical Mucus Output – Mucus secretions are normal to a woman in reproductive age.  There is mucus that has cloudy or whitish color and feels sticky or tacky and the other is slippery, transparent and stretchable.  The first kind of cervical mucus secretions occur pre and post ovulation while the latter one are discharged during the ovulation phase.  Thus, the slippery type is the high time when to conceive a woman.
•    Calendar Method – this needs counting of the number of days from the start of menstruation up to the ovulation.  Oftentimes, ovulation is determined by subtracting the whole length of menstrual cycle with 18 so the answer will serve as the basis in counting.  The first day of menses is the starting point then towards the final number of the answer. An example will be if the answer is 9 and the first cycle day is the 5th of the month, then the ovulation day will be on 13th.
•    Basal Body Temp – this monitors the hormonal changes of the body with a thermometer.  Every day before arising, the body temp must be checked and plotted consistently.  The temperature rises when progesterone levels go down meaning ovulation phase starts to fade.  So before, temperature rise is observed, frequent intercourse must be made.
This Method Answers When to Conceive
With the variety of preparations to make prior to start conception, medical and natural methods have its differing methods of readying couples.  However, if a more convenient and less costly ways are wanted, the following step by step pregnancy practices concocted by ancient Chinese will help in the entire journey of conception:
• The holistic and multidimensional approach offers options and ease on what favors couples
• The detoxification process to enhance physical, reproductive and emotional well being of couples
• Illustrates what are the do’s and don’ts on food, exercises, lovemaking and household products to utilize
• Prepares the reproductive condition of couples in infertility treatment and conception procedures
• Discourages unnatural ways of conception such as medications and other invasive procedures
• Offers the long hidden secrets of Chinese conception techniques and preparations
• Discloses important things that medical treatment does to human body when conception procedures are done
• The basic preparations that couple find unnecessary yet very essential for fertility and conception
Easier Ways To Find Out When to Conceive
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How to Conceive A Baby Girl With Success – How To Guide

July 3rd, 2011
Are you looking for ways on How To Conceive A Baby Girl? It is not a surprise that any couple or mother would prefer a girl over a boy as their child. Baby girls are far cuter than baby boys.
How to conceive a baby girl is not as easy as it looks. There are certain methods that one should adhere to have their own pretty little baby girl. There are lots of couples that have tried hard to have a daughter but simply failed. In some families there are even more boys than girls.
Myths In Conceiving A Girl
There are various myths or old folk’s tales on how to conceive your own precious bundle of baby girl. It might sound weird but there is nothing wrong in trying it.
  • Have sex when the moon is full.
  • Make love in the afternoon.
  • Mixed up a diet of veggies and fish then follow it up with a chocolate dessert.
  • In some myths it is said that a woman who initiates lovemaking will give birth to a girl.
  • Only make love on the even numbered days of the month.

Techniques On How To Conceive A Baby Girl
1. Use The Shettles Method
The method requires missionary position while having sex. It is also advised that the couple should have sex every day until three days before a woman starts to ovulate. It is also mentioned that women should not have orgasm during sex since it was found out that when a woman reaches climax it makes the vaginal environment too alkaline. This will make it more conducive for the sperms bearing Y chromosomes thus leading to conception of a baby boy.
2. Apply Whelan Method
Opposed to the Shettles method couples are advised to mate days nearer to a woman’s ovulation period. It is further advised that old-fashioned sex should be utilized.
3. Opt For The O+12 Method
This method was said to be developed by mother who had six pregnancies that resulted to six boys in a row. She advised that women who want to have a baby girl in the family should have sex 12 hours right after her ovulation. For her it was a success, she finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Other Useful Methods On How to Conceive A Baby Girl
  • Using The Chinese Conception Chart
It is also known as the Chinese Birth Chart or Chinese gender Chart. There are claims that the chart is 90% accurate. It was first discovered in a royal tomb in Beijing. The chart uses the baby’s month of conception and the age of the mother. This will predict the gender of the baby. There are those who believe in the method and there are those who seem to think the other way around.
  • Dietary Supplements
There are numerous dietary supplements that are claiming that it can help any couple conceive a baby girl.
  • Medications
There are also some medications that can be bought over-the-counter. It is said that it can help conceive a girl.
  • Following A Specific Diet
There are those that claims that by following a certain diet a couple can produce a girl in no time at all. It is mentioned that a woman should have a high PH level to conceive a girl. This can be achieved by consuming lots of eggs, cheese, turkey, chicken, seafood, pork, lamb, cream, vinegar, white bread, and honey. It is also advised that women who want to attain a high PH level should drink milk, coffee, beer, and fruit juices. It might seem unlikely but there is no harm in trying.
Using A Guaranteed Method On How To Conceive A Girl
All of the above method might work if you are willing to try it. If you do, you might have to wait months and even years if it will yield the results that you wanted. For those who really want a baby girl then there is this highly recommended guide on how to get pregnant. You will be given a detailed method on how to conceive your first baby girl.
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Learn How To Conceive A Baby Boy

July 3rd, 2011
Can you believe that there is can be an effective guide on How To Conceive A Baby Boy?  If you are among those aspiring mothers who are more fascinated in conceiving a baby boy rather than a baby girl, you are welcome to read this article  and learn something useful.
Why the preference for baby boys?
1. Your husband wants to make sure that a boy will immortalize the name of the family.  When a boy marries, the children carry his family name. The surname of their mother becomes the middle name. Therefore, only a boy can ensure the immortality of a family name that comes from the great, great grandfathers.
2. You both agree that boys are easier to rear than girls. The prevailing sentiment is that boys are less demanding and are easier to please and you both buy the idea. Wait till the boy asks you to buy expensive guitars, motor bikes and even sports cars.
3. Boys can go on their own without getting pregnant. This is one truth that sometimes persuade mothers into agreeing with their husbands. But wait till the boy gets into brawls or get hooked on drugs and you can forget all about getting pregnant.
4. Boys are destined to be leaders and girls housewives. This is an argument full of holes at this time.  The world has turned upside down and women are now dominating men in many respects. Yet the boys can not be Miss Universe.
The “Shettles Method”
Landrum B. Shettles, after a lengthy and comprehensive research, published a book in 1960 titled “How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby” .  It was a best seller and it stirred a hornet’s nest so to speak.  Since then, the book has become the bible for couples who wish that the gender of their first or their next baby would be a boy or a girl. The guidelines are as follows:
1. Find out the features of the male sex “Y”chromosome. The Y chromosome is the male sex chromosome while the X chromosome is the female sex chromosome.  The Y chromosome is present in males who have one X and Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes.  Because only males have the Y chromosome. Other genes on the Y chromosome are needed for male fertility. Sperms carrying the “Y” chromosome are faster.  But they are less resilient and die faster.  They are also adverse to an acidic cervix or vaginal environment.
2. Determine the approximate time of ovulation By using reliable methods like the ovulation predictor kits and Basal Body Temperature thermometers a more scientific reading can be obtained.  The predictor kits, using the woman’s urine, can predict ovulation as close to 48 hours from the time of the testing based on the scientific measurements of hormone build up. The thinning of the cervical mucus is also a strong indication that ovulation is close and forthcoming. It is during ovulation that sperms carrying Y chromosomes can survive longer due to the presence of the cervical mucus which neutralizes the acidity (PH level) of the vagina and the cervical environment. It is of paramount importance that the Y- chromosome-carrying sperm gets there when the egg is released during ovulation.
3. Avoid unnecessary male ejaculation. The male should avoid ejaculating at least 4 to 5 days prior to ovulation. Less frequent ejaculations will ensure a bigger volume of semen and consequently a larger count of sperms in the next ejaculation.  That means that with more sperms it will also increase the number of sperm cells carrying Y chromosome tremendously It is said that these sperm moves faster but also dies faster. It also has a poor tolerance for acidic environments. The cervical mucus secreted by the cervix is tasked with the mission to neutralize the acid along the paths of the Y-carrying sperm cell to make its job easier and safer.
4. The couple should have sexual intercourse around 12 hours before the woman begins ovulating.  They may try to have sex again 12 hours after to cover all the bases. The couple are advised to use sexual positions like the rear entry position which will get the sperms as close to the cervix as they possibly can to have the job done in a flash when the egg is released. This will also shorten the distance for  the sperm carrying Y chromosome to get close to the uterus where the egg is destined to stop.
5. Go for an orgasm..A woman’s orgasm during the sex act can further push the sperm faster towards the egg. The quicker the Y-carrying sperm reaches the egg, the more chances there are that a boy shall be conceived.
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The Rules on How to Conceive a Baby With Success

July 3rd, 2011
Want to know how to conceive a baby? Planning for a baby is one of the most exciting desires that a couple makes.  Thus, when bringing a new life into this world, both partners should make some preparations not just financially but as well physically.  As a responsible parent, a baby should be provided with the essential needs not just after birth but also during ante and intrapartal days to give the wanted child a healthy environment to grow and develop.  However, if couples don’t know what the important things to prepare and do are, the following are the vital and proper ways on how to conceive a baby:
•    Be Physically Fit – both husbands and wives must keep their body fit when aiming for pregnancy.  A weight that doesn’t belong to the normal range may put difficulty to couples in conception process and risk during child bearing days for the mother and baby.  From such, it is important to be in normal weight.
•    Food Intake – Choose food that gives the right nutritional benefits.  Following the food pyramid is the best way in selecting the required foods that an average adult should take.  However, a balance on each food group must be made for an extreme in one category is unhealthy.  Also, women who want to conceive must eat foods rich in iron and folic acid for such nutrients is shared and vital to the fetus’s development.  Folic acid prevents neural tube defects and iron for anemia.
•    Bad Habits – if smoking and drinking are one of the cravings hard to quit, better think twice when planning for pregnancy.  It is much better to prepare earlier so as not to suffer from any withdrawal syndrome.  Also, bad vices will affect a man and woman’s reproductive well being by affecting the fertility condition.
•    Chemical Exposures – if you’re an individual working on or frequently gets exposed to hazardous chemical, it is important to make a good decision prior to attempting child making procedures.  It is best to have a physician check your reproductive conditions to ensure that the sperm is on good quality or the uterus is in right shape.  Substance like arsenic, cadmium and lead oftentimes affects the sperm’s anatomy specifically the head covering called the acrosome.
•    Select the Right Relaxation – relaxation is one form of venting out stresses which can be done either in sports, movies, spas and other entertainments.  However, there are certain relaxation methods when done frequently affects fertility just like biking and sauna.  According to studies, 90% of cyclist experience fertility problems for biking cause depletion and alteration of sperm quality including cysts formation and blood vessel irregularities.  Sauna on the other hand provides an unhealthy environment for sperms thrive more on cool environment.  Thus, if sauna is done frequently, it plays harm to the man’s spermatozoa.
•    Medication Intake – When taking medication, always inform the physician that you’re planning to conceive so that such can prescribe the right drug.  There are certain medications that act on the uterus such as Misoprostol, an anti-ulcer drug that can cause miscarriage.  Also, others are anti-histamines, anabolic steroids, anti-depressants and contraceptive pills.
How to Conceive a Baby the Right Way
If you’re a couple who is already physically and financially ready to bear a child.  Use the natural ways of conception to truly appreciate the beauty of baby making.  However, if infertility problems are present, such won’t be an obstacle for a couple to have the right in becoming parents.  There are methods that can aid in conception; it is not with invasive procedures but a natural yet unique way.
The following is the long time step by step how to conceive a baby that Chinese discovered which are:
• The basics of nutrition and exercise for conception success
• A multidimensional strategies and approach of treating infertility and reproductive ailments
• The methods of right detoxification to cleanse out toxins and stresses
• The marketed products that are unsafe but commonly used in households
• The right techniques of lovemaking that potentiates fertility
• A holistic approach mixed with Chinese conception principle to promote reproductive well being
• Discusses sensitive issues and appropriate interventions that couples find sensitive to tell to OB-GYNEs
• Manages both male and female issues on infertility and desperation on conception
• Offers hope for another pregnancy that can last full term
• Medical recommendations and prescriptions that may assist conception but not favored by the natural methods for its risks and chances
The Complete Guide on How to Conceive a Baby
Does pregnancy take time for you to happen?  Then, do it in an instant with the right methods and conception techniques formulated by ancient Chinese.
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Facts and Myths about How Long It Takes To Conceive a Baby

July 3rd, 2011
Before diving into parenthood, you should first concentrate on finding out about the different facts and myths about getting pregnant which includes the topic of knowing How Long It takes to Conceive. You don’t have to worry about this one because you don’t have to open a ton of books in order to figure them out. You just have to read the ones that are listed below.
Myth: Women Who Are Below 18 Years Old Have a Higher Chance of Getting Pregnant
Fact: It is easiest and safest to get pregnant when you’re between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. This is because your body is already physically mature for the job and that is the time that your body produces a lot of hormones that are responsible for menstruation, ovulation and eventually, pregnancy.
Myth: It Doesn’t Matter What You Eat / You Need to Eat Exotic Foods
Fact: When your body is healthy, your glands will be more able to produce the necessary hormones that are needed to get you pregnant. It can also ensure that all of the organs in your reproductive system receive all the necessary nutrition in order to work properly. This is why eating healthy foods is the key.
Myth: How Long It Takes to Conceive Depends on How Much You Exercise
Fact: You need to be healthy in order to get pregnant easily, that is the principle that you should apply when it comes to exercising. You need to keep everything in moderation so that you won’t strain yourself or cause health problems which can decrease the chances of you getting pregnant.
Myth: How Long It Takes to Conceive Depends on Your Genes
Fact: If your mom had to wait for a long time before she got pregnant, it does not mean that you have to wait for a long period of time as well. Your chances of getting pregnant depend on the state of your body and your mind. This is why you should not lose hope if your family history shows that your mother and/or grandmother found it hard to get pregnant.
Myth: All Brands and Types of Vaginal Wash Can Cause Infertility
Fact: Generally, using a vaginal wash is definitely good for you. What you need to remember is that you don’t use it to douche. This is because in order to get pregnant, you need to avoid douching as it can change the environment of your vagina, making it less sperm-friendly. When that happens, the sperm will die before it gets near the fertilized egg.
Myth: Using Contraceptives for a Long Time Can Make It Harder For You to Get Pregnant
Fact: Not all contraceptives are the same. They stop you from getting pregnant using different ways. This is why If you have been using contraceptives for a long time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going have to wait for a long time before you can get pregnant.
Myth: All Pregnancy Programs are Bogus
Fact: There is one program in the market that have been tested and loved by many moms all over the world. That is the step by step pregnancy program. It doesn’t even matter if you have hormonal issues which can make it harder for some to have a baby. It is also one of the most reliable programs out there because it is based on factual research materials and long hours of actual and intensive research.
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Separating the facts from myths is one of the most important things that you can do as a parent. This will allow you to stop believing in the wrong things and start analyzing those things that can actually help you get pregnant.
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Conceiving A Boy – a How To Guide

July 3rd, 2011
Can you increase your chances of Conceiving A Boy rather than a girl? This will definitely stir the interest of couples who have longed to ascertain the sex of their next baby.  If you are of them, read on and concentrate.
Why do you prefer to conceive a boy?
What makes a boy a superior choice when you conceive a baby?  Do you have deep seated biases against the female gender?  How come when you are a female yourself? Or are you influenced by the wishes of your husband? What difference does it make if you conceive a boy or a girl?
Through the centuries, the male specie has been bruited to be the master of the house, the strong and virile one, the superior sex.  History attested to the physical and mental capacity of kings, princes, emperors, generals, and centurions, all proudly belonging to the male gender. There were a few women who were warriors perhaps like Joan of Arc but that is but a drop in the bucket. All that has changed.
Today, there are women Presidents who automatically lead the defense of her country as a general.  Women prime ministers, fighters, thinkers, CEO’s – you name the field and there are surely some women there.  The superiority of men has become a myth of antiquity.  The equality of the sexes is now a well accepted truth.  So why the preference to conceive a boy?
The preference can be a personal choice.  The choice is perfectly valid for t an all girl family to pray for the stork to deliver  a “thorn” to guard  the roses. But this is a very rare situation.
The “Y” Chromosome
The Y chromosome is the male sex chromosome while the X chromosome is the female sex chromosome. The sex chromosomes form one of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes in each cell.  Each person normally has  one pair of sex chromosomes to each cell.  The Y chromosome is present males who have one X and Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes.
Because only males have the Y chromosome, the genes on this chromosome tend to be involved in the sex determination and development.  Sex is determined by the SRY gene, which is responsible for the development of a fetus into a male. Other genes on the Y chromosome are needed for male fertility.
The “Shettles Method”
The constant use of the Shettles Method seems to be successful in increasing the chances of a mother in conceiving a boy.  The Landrum B. Shettles  book in  1960 “ How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby”  advocates ways and means to achieve the sex of the baby you wanted with  the following pointers:
  • Determine an almost accurate time that the woman will ovulate by using reliable methods like the ovulation predictor kits and Basal Body Temperature thermometers. It is during ovulation that sperms carrying Y chromosomes can survive longer due to the presence of the cervical mucus which neutralizes the acidity (PH level) of the vagina and the cervical environment.
  • It is recommended that the male should avoid ejaculating at least  4 to 5 days prior to ovulation. By doing so, there will be a bigger volume of semen and consequently a larger count of sperms.  This is necessary to ensure that there will be more sperm cells carrying Y chromosome. It is said that these sperm moves faster but also dies faster. They also have poor tolerance for acidic environments but the cervical mucus makes it easier for the Y-carrying sperm to survive.
  • The couple should have sexual intercourse around 12 hours before the woman begins ovulating. The couple are advised to use sexual positions like the rear entry position which will get the sperms as close to the cervix as they possibly can. This is in consonance with the theory that the sperm carrying Y chromosome swims quicker but dies faster too.
  • The woman should try to achieve orgasm during the sex act as this will further assist in helping to move the sperm towards the egg. The quicker the Y-carrying sperm reaches the egg, the more chances there are that the woman will conceive a boy.
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tadi sempat blogwalking blog yani n sarah...aleesya n mia dah setahun...happy birthday mia and aleesya...comel2 mereka berdua..

harap mereka tidak la selasak ayra...kesian mama n ibu dia....sekarang ayra sgt kurang tidor...asyik naik main saja...jadi beratnya susah nak naik....smp mami penat tak terkata nak melayan dia....mulutpun bukan main lagi....tgk babah nya xpakai baju..yu a babah...malula d masa nk bwk dia kerumah nanny nak "suit"(kasut)pakai je kasut dia terus lari keluar rumah...dan mami hidupkan enjin kereta....dia still lari2..ada kitten jiran kerjar dia...haha...lawak.....teurus laju2 masuk kereta...


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supaya anak cucu mendirikan solat...


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sgt sedih dan doing a report to someone else at HQ..the person not talking nicely..n she really tak faham condition kita yang bekerja distate..dimana laporan yg diminta agak keterlaluan...semuanya telah dihantar tetapi bila berlaku perubahan format dan sebagainya mulalah dia menggelabah...minta mcm2 dgn kita...bila menggunakan bahasa yang baik..insya allah kerja anda dipermudahkan..tetapi bila ayatnya bisa...jawapannya juga adalah berbisa...maafla...kita semua makan gaji sahaja,,tiada yang lebih istimewa kita sesama manusia. disisi Allah apatah lagi...

makanan untuk langsing

Caranya, lakukan teknik makan untuk menurunkan berat badan dengan menukar asupan karbo. Ganti asupan makanan seperti nasi, pasta atau roti dengan sayuran dan buah-buahan, kata ahli nutrisi, Dr Mike Roussell. 

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time 1.34pm..sunyi sepi suasana ofis ni....petang ni kul 2.00 ada jemputan sgt malas nk pergi....tapi alhamdulillah semua kerja berjaya diselesaikan..bagus staff2 semuanya faham dan bertanggungjawab dalam melaksanakan arahan yg diberi...that we call TRANSFORM-

what ayra say last morning....
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ayra turns 18 months today...dek kesibukan masing2 dah tlupa nk check ..ayra should take 1dos pneumococal lagi. dan suntikan 18months.minggu ni harap dia sihat sejahtera..
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.....Allahuakbar..tidur malamku jika terjaga pelbagai persoalan timbul...selagi mampu kubantu akan kucuba bantu...
ya Allah...aku juga tidak akan lupa memohon padamu...apa keja mumy hr ni ye :
pagi minum milo
hantar ayra
smp pej 8.15pg
9.00 meting kelab sukan
950 Masjid Permatang Gedung :
11.00 masjid Ibrahim
12.00 Makan kat restoran Berkat-(koteaw goreng, telur mata)mami beli moi sup untuk ayra
1.00 Emel kepada semua VOP ukur Bahan, JUB payment january
2.00 Call GB sek adik-GB give a support to her transfer due the condition
2.10 Kontraktor padang dtg-discuss n setle
2.30 My big sis cal..pok pek pok pek
2.40 Call my abg man
2.45 sis aishah cal..pok pok pok pek

sembahyang jom...doa lepas sembahyang bersama maksudnya


Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang. 

Segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan pentadbir seluruh alam. Selawat dan sejahtera semoga dilimpahkan ke atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad yang semulia-mulia pesuruh-Nya, serta ke atas keluarga dan sekalian sahabat-sahabatnya. 

Ya Allah, wahai Tuhan kami, hidupkan kami dengan iman, matikan kami dalam iman, serta masukkan kami ke dalam syurga bersama-sama iman. 

Ya Allah, ya Tuhan kami, ampunilah segala dosa kesalahan kami dan dosa-dosa kesalahan kedua ibu bapa kami, serta kesihanilah kedua ibu bapa kami sebagaimana mereka berdua mengasihani kami semasa masih kecil. 

Ya Allah, akhirilah umur kami dengan kesudahan yang baik dan janganlah kiranya Engkau akhirkan umur kami dengan kesudahan yang tidak baik. 

Ya Allah, ya Tuhan kami, janganlah kiranya Engkau pesongkan iman kami sesudah Engkau kurniakan kepada kami petunjuk. Anugerahilah kami rahmat kerana sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengurnia. 

Wahai Tuhan kami, kurniakanlah kepada kami kebaikan di dunia ini dan juga di akhirat, dan peliharalah kami daripada azab neraka. 

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat dan sejahtera ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad dan ke atas seluruh keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda. Dan segala puji itu tertentu bagi Allah, Tuhan pentadbir seluruh alam.


cuti-cuti malaysia

Sunday, February 12, 2012

minggu lpas sempena cuti maulidur rasul kami ke zoo taiping dan singgah mandi manda d brusseri ke ape ntah..x ingat...ayra so enjoy looking for animals...layan gmbar je kawan2...

sabarlah wahai hati

kami sekeluarga dikejutkan kan dgn berita adikku yang mempunyai masalah dengan kandungannya..harap Allah tolong dia...Ya allah engkaulah yang maha mengetahui dan menguasai atas segala-galanya..semua yang berlaku ada hikmah disampingnya..tak tergamak untuk kucoretkan disini...masalah dirinya bagiku adalah masalahku juga...kerana kami sayang dia seperti diri kami sendiri...buat adik ...kuatkan diri kita sekuat mungkin..kerana semuanya adalah milik Allah Taala...dia juga yang mencipta haknya dan dia jugalah yang berhak mengambil haknya...yang penting jaga kesihatan diri sebaiknya...dan dekatkan diri padanya ...bila tiada ujian darinya..kita semakin lupa padanya...dugaan allah akan bagi kepada setiap orang dalam hidupnya...bagi kita yang belum diduga berdoalah agar Allah menguji kita dengan dugaan yang kita mampu ...Insya allah..setiap kejadian itu ada hikmahnya...Jazakallaukhaira.......ada mencedok dari pengukuh jiwa untuk dikongsi dan di amal bersama


Sentiasa menyedari bahawa hidup di dunia ini hanya lah sementara dan permainan sahaja. Kita hidup atas dunia ini hanya sekali, jadi kita tidak boleh mensia-siakannya dengan sesuatu yang tidak bermakna.
Ikhtiar yang disertai dengan niat yang sempurna itulah yang perlu ada. Perkara apapun yang terjadi, kita patut serahkan sepenuhnya kepada Allah Yang Maha Tahu agar menentukan yang terbaik buat kita.
Kita harus sedar betul bahawa, yang terbaik bagi kita menurut pandangan kita, belum tentu terbaik bagi kita menurut Allah Ta’ala.
Pengetahuan kita tentang diri kita atau tentang apapun amat terbatas. Sedangkan pengetahuan Allah menyeliputi segala-galanya. Sehingga betapa pun kita sangat menginginkan sesuatu, tetapi hati kita harus kita persiapkan untuk menghadapi kenyataan yang tak sesuai dengan harapan kita. Kerana mungkin itulah yang terbaik bagi kita.
Ingatlah bahawa, ALLAH itu Maha Adil lagi Bijaksana.


Realiti hidup yang terjadi pada kita, kita kena terima dengan redha dan seadanya. Itulah kenyataan dan episod hidup yang harus kita jalani.
Emosional, sakit hati, tertekan, atau apa jua perkara yang membuat hati kita menjadi kecewa dan sengsara, harus kita tinggalkan. Ingatlah bahawa, samaada kita tertekan dan tidak gembira, atau kita tidak tertekan dan gembira, ia tetap begitu jadinya.
Maka adalah lebih baik kita redha dan terima apa yang berlaku dengan berlapang dada dan hati yang terbuka. Perit kita telan, manis pun kita telan. Nikmatilah pahit manis itu seadanya.


Meyakini bahawa hidup ini bagai siang dan malam yang pasti silih berganti. Tak mungkin siang terus menerus dan tak mungkin juga malam terus menerus. Pasti setiap kesenangan ada hujungnya begitulah masalah yang menimpa kita, pasti ada akhirnya. Kita harus sangat sabar menghadapinya.
Ujian yang diturunkan Allah kepada kita, pasti sudah ditetapkan dengan penuh keadilan. Tak mungkin ujian yang menimpa itu, melampaui batas kemampuan kita. Kerana Allah tak pernah menzalimi hamba-hambaNya.
Ingatlah bahawa, semua fikiran negatif dan emosi buruk kita hanya akan mempersulitkan dan menyengsarakan diri kita saja. Pujuklah h ati, agar kita tidak menekan diri sendiri. Hati dan fikiran kita dipujuk agar tetap tenang, tabah dan sabar.
Kita harus berani menghadapi mehnah masalah ujian demi ujian. Kita tak boleh lari dari kenyataan. Kerana lari nya kita itu tak akan menyelesaikan masalah. Bahkan ia sebaliknya hanya akan menambah permasalahan.
Jadi, semua yang berlaku harus kita hadapi dengan baik. Kita tak boleh menyerah mudah, kita tak boleh kalah menyerah.
Pastinya segala sesuatu itu ada akhirnya. Begitu jualah permasalahan yang kita hadapi. Seberat manapun ujian Allah pada kita, yakinlah dengan janji Allah Ta’ala : “Fa innama’al usri yusran, inna ma’al usri yusran”. Maka sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan itu pasti ada kemudahan, dan bersama kesulitan itu pasti ada kemudahan.
Janji Allah itu pasti benar. Kerana itu, apalah guna kita menekan diri.


Semua apa yang terjadi, samaada baik atau buruk, terjadi adalah dengan izin dan kehendak Allah Ta’ala. Dan pastinya Allah tak mungkin berbuat sesuatu dengan sia-sia.
Setiap sesuatu perkara itu, pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya. Sepahit mana pun derita yang kita tanggung, pasti ada kebaikan yang terkandung di dalamnya jika kita terima dan hadapi dengan sabar dan redha.
Cuba kita renung dan fikirkan, kenapa Allah mentakdirkan semua ini menimpa kita. Setidak-tidaknya ia adalah sebagai peringatan atas dosa-dosa dan kelalaian yang kita telah lakukan. Atau mungkin Allah mahu naikkan darjat dan kedudukan kita di sisi Nya.
Mungkin agak sukar untuk kita sedar kesilapan dan kesalahan yang telah kita lakukan. Namun, iktibar dari setiap ujian yang menimpa sebenarnya mencerminkan amalan dan tingkah laku yang kita lakukan.
Tak usah takut atau bimbang menerima kekurangan dan kesilapan yang kita telah lakukan. Yang penting, kita mesti berazam sungguh-sungguh untuk memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun dan Maha Penerima Taubat. Muhasabahlah diri, bertaubat atas dosa dan mohonlah hidayah dan kekuatan daripadaNya.


Kita wajib meyakini bahawa, walau seluruh manusia, jin dan semua makhluk atas dunia ini bergabung untuk menolong kita sekalipun, ketetapan Allah tetap akan berlaku. Semua usaha pasti tidak akan membuahkan hasil tanpa izin Allah Ta’ala.
Hati kita mesti bulat yakin sepenuhnya bahwa hanya Allah lah satu-satunya yang dapat menolong dan memberi jalan keluar terbaik daripada sebarang perkara yang terjadi. Allah Maha Berkuasa atas segala-galanya. Dialah pemilik dan penguasa segala sesuatu. Dialah yang mengatur segala-galanya.
Maka, kita harus bermunajat dan berusaha menagih simpati daripadaNya agar menolong kita. Mengadu dan dekatilah Allah dengan membuat amalan yang disukaiNya. Pohonlah hidayah, kekuatan dan pertolongan daripadaNya. Bebaskan hati dan diri kita daripada mengharap pada makhluk dan selain daripada Allah. Tagih dan pintalah pertolongan dengan sabar dan solat. (Sila baca mengenai FALSAFAH KUCING di sini)
Ingatlah firman Allah Ta’ala yang bermaksud ;
“Barang siapa bertakwal kepada Allah, nescaya akan diberi jalan keluar dari setiap urusannya dan diberi rezeki dari arah yang tak disangka-sangka, dan barang siapa yang bertawakal kepada Allah nescaya akan dicukupi segala keperluannya.” (QS [65] : 2-3)
Semoga kita semua beroleh petunjuk dan diberi kekuatan oleh Allah dalam mengharungi hari-hari mendatang. All the best!

ini entry untuk babah eeya

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

plz jgn cakap saye gemuk..sebenarnya hr ni sy rasa sgt gemukkkk....oh tidak...petang ni joging ye .........saya syg syaye risau jugak....peha sy dh mkin besar je sy rasa...mau pulang awal..amik mood joging....:)

look dis girl...shes already 1year n 5month........stil bf...saya ksian kalo dia dia dh bsar kan ....mak saya suruh tgu smp 2 tahun br wean off....sabar jela mami...