mummy ...dont worry..i will not hurt u..papa...i really want to see u

Sunday, August 15, 2010

agaknye itu ye bby cakap kat kite..ok ...kita ade lg 11ari before bby due date...minggu ni dah minggu ke 39..mummy belum salam2 dgn ofismate lagi...manatau bby nk kuar bile kan.
mummy ade rs sikit2 cramp esp ms tdo..but not really contraction
maybe braxton hicks or false labor..badan rasa sakit2 bila bjalan atau bila nk bangun
tapi alhamdulillah mummy masih mampu berpuasa...
cuma mummy x pegi terawih dah..1st ramadan aritu je pegi

ok..last night tgk omputih pnye hypno birthing..uu dasyat ye
relaks je nak bersalin
even during contraction..they still can smile untill the bby come..
so mummy pn kne relaks mcm tula.. dont be too scare..relaks..and practise good breathing
insya allah..
moga tuhan permudahkan segala2 nya..

"Take extra care of yourself - you have a baby to deliver very soon! 

Macam biasa..jom tgk baby growth minggu ini

opps (about baby bag- jgn lupa bwk slipper, papa baby bath tub xde lagi..,) 

Week 39: Ready for Parenthood?

Your Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy
-- By BabyFit

Your Baby This Week

If you're not in labor at this very moment, you will be soon! And as anxious as you are to meet your little angel, he is just as excited to enter the world.

Even at this late stage, your baby is still growing, now to around 7 pounds (3.5 kg) and 22 (56 cm) inches. All of baby's organs (except the lungs) are fully developed, along with toenails, fingernails, and muscles in his arms and legs. At this point, babies can become entangled in their umbilical cords. If this should happen, don't worry. In most cases it's not dangerous. And contrary to rumor, it's not caused by anything you did.

Your Body This Week

Although your tummy is larger than you could have imagined, you may actually feel more comfortable in your body than you have in a while. That's because your baby has dropped further down into your pelvis, relieving additional pressure. This change has also caused your center of gravity to shift suddenly, so you may lose your balance more easily or have difficulty standing upright, particularly when getting out of a chair. Take extra care of yourself - you have a baby to deliver very soon!

Pleasant Family Mealtime

Yes, it's possible to have healthy family meals, where everyone enjoys one another's company along with some nutritious dishes. If you'd like your family to eat healthier, focus on two things. First, make mealtime a relaxed, but focused event. No more eating in front of the TV, in the car, or on the way out the door. Second, involve other family members in choosing menus, shopping for food, and preparing meals. This can build enthusiasm for healthy eating. It may seem difficult, but your family's nutritional needs are a priority. And just like any priority, it justifies the time and effort you spend. Here are some great ideas for making mealtime more pleasant.

Changing Your Changing Table

Reaching, bending and stretching are perfect activities for the gym. But they're not so hot when you're simply trying to change a diaper. Any area that you'll use several times a day (such as the changing table) should be modified to fit your body. The baby's changing table should be at a comfortable height, usually around waist high so you don't have to bend down or reach up. Place a small step stool in front, so you can rest one foot while standing. And have all of your supplies within arm's reach so twisting or bending aren't necessary. Get additional helpful tips on preparing for parenthood.

woooo...its about 18 days to go

Sunday, August 8, 2010



jom tgk ...wat happen to baby mgu ni

Week 38: Pack that Labor Bag Now!

Your Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy
-- By BabyFit

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is preparing to be born as you're preparing to experience the true excitement of impending childbirth. You may feel a little nervous, which is perfectly normal.

In anticipation of meeting you, baby is busy getting ready for the occasion. The fine hair (lanugo), covering her body begins to shed along with the whitish coating on the skin (vernix). Your baby's weight is approaching 7 pounds (3.5 kg), but she remains around 21 inches (53 cm) long, which shows that she's getting plumper! If your baby were born this week, she would have no problems surviving on her own.

Your Body This Week

Although your size is remaining constant, your discomfort might be increasing, as some of the symptoms related to your weight, including heat rashes and difficulty sleeping, might be getting to you. While your due date may be two or more weeks away, pack your labor bag and get ready. Ninety-five percent of all babies are born within two weeks of their due dates.

Dining Companions For Life

Your pregnancy journey is almost complete. But another, even more exciting adventure is just around the corner. Eating for two doesn't stop once your baby is born. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, nutrients are going to be just as--if not more--important. If you breastfeed, your baby will be relying on you to provide 100% of her vital vitamins and nutrients. In other words, your baby will continue to eat what you eat. If you bottle feed, taking care of and feeding your baby will still take energy, strength and a timely recovery. All of these can be found in the foods you eat now. Learn more about nutrition and breastfeeding.


assalamualaikum papa..
gud morning
dah lame mumy xpost
banyak bnda yg mengejutkan jiwa berlaku within these month
last 2weeks on friday..i got a pink form transferred to KEDAH
alhamdulillah,,..doa papa n mumy to grow u on clean environment tuhan dah makbul
syukur...even papa belum dapat transfer lagi
kita doa allah mudahkan urusan papa untuk dpt transfer dalam waktu terdekat
uhhh..very good if u good during my confinement period papa

so last week were going back to kedah -report duty on 1st ogos
then balik plak kl...mumy tangguh 1month

n baby...i know ure so tired..sorry baby..u need to be strong...ure strong , clever n cute baby right

its not good to do lengthy trave during last month of pregnancy

but..mumy n papa pray hard to allah to save u baby

sedar x baby doesnt has much time to play in womb

u will be deliver baby
pray to allah to make it s easy

--to papa..:: tuhan dah tolong kita banyak kan..r.asa malu dengan nikmat tuhan bagi berbanding amalan kita untukNYA
-sempena Ramadan yg akan tiba esok lusa..mumy mohon maaf atas segala kesalahan dari ujung rambut hingga kaki
-mumy banyak menyusahkan papa...sori yek-harap bby x jadi manja sgt mcm mumy yer
-harap ramadan ini akan memperbaiki idup kita berdua

lastly..iluv u papa bby
ure only the one on my life