Papa Wrote

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Em salam sayang my dear..em papa kecewa sangat sekarang papa tak dpat jadi eng lagi..Em.ayra kan dah nak keluar a little bit down now..em ok..maybe takde rezeki dg gov kot..

Ayra bt syafiq...Papa sayang kan ayra n papa harap ayra akan menempuh dunia macam mumy dgn papa..selalu ceria and happy..papa harap ayra sentiasa sihat n comel..mcm kawan ayra papa pegang kat mekkah ari tue..muah..

Ayra jangan nangis masa papa takde..selalu baca quran tau dengan mumy..Nanti papa belikan hadiah ngn ayra..

Utk mumy ur r the great wife and lover..i luv u forever..Nanti papa belikan /siapkan umah idaman kita sama-sama..Papa ingat nak buat modern mix english..papa jumpa kedai borong jual tadi..hehe.nanti papa bawak mumy ngn auntie ecah.

Berikan kami berdua kekuatan

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

m: papa...awat nmpk sedih
p: um...

p: sedih sbb tuhan x bagi lagi apa yg papa nak
m: sabarlah...tuhan x akan bg serentak...takut kita lupa diri..mungkin ada sebab dia x bagi lagi apa yg papa nak  tu...mumy rasa rezki kita lebih pada cukup...cuba fikir org lain yg lagi susah pada kita...luv u papa

to our lil cute baby
were waiting for u..
take care
sorry if mummy hurt u in womb..

Ya Allah..teguhkan hatiku, tenangkan fikiran ku

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Now , im about 36days to bring my cute lil baby
sekarang mumy rasa sangat confuse dan resah sgt
wan call mumy semalam advice to come back early...2 week before deliver
actually, its hard to me to make the decision
papa say...wait until the due date,..then when the "show " comes baru balik kampung

when last night i got a call fom my mum

i thought to change my mind
to go back one week before due date

but papa was not there la
tp kalo papa naik flight
sempatkan... me


Pregnancy Weight Gain-- By Becky Hand, Licensed and Registered Dietician

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pregnancy Weight Gain

How Much Is Enough?

Wouldn't it be great if pregnancy happened when your weight was just right? For most it doesn't work out that way. So, for the rest of us, is offering this simple guide to weight gain during pregnancy.

During pregnancy it is important to "baby your baby and your body" with nourishing foods. You should not be feeling hungry much during your pregnancy. This is important because low weight gain during pregnancy can result in a low birth-weight infant. Low birth-weight infants have a greater risk of delayed development, disease development and mortality during the first few months of life.

Similarly, if you are overweight, this is NOT the time to crash diet and try to lose weight. Healthy weight gain is mandatory during your pregnancy, and prepares you for the strenuous demands of motherhood. It is also one of the indicators that your child is growing properly and getting the nutrition it needs.

Therefore, recommendations for healthy weight gain during pregnancy have been set based on your weight before you became pregnant.

Total Weight Gain General Guidelines

Body Type
Target Weight Gain
Underweight (BMI under 19.8)
28-40 Pounds
Normal weight (BMI 19.8 - 26.0)
25-35 Pounds
Overweight (BMI 26.0 - 29.0)
15-25 Pounds
Obese (BMI over 29.0)
15 Pounds

saya sudah berat

mumy sudah gain berat dengan jayanya...
meh tgk chart weight gain mumy along the journey of pregnancy

1st month- mumy makan dgn byk skali okay...frm 56-60kg
2nd month-3rd month ---dah stat pening muntah -- turun balik 56kg
4month--dah ok dah..time ni mumy papa n atuk wan g umrah...lpas balik umrah naik 60 kg...oops nurse sudah bising suh minum air gula
5month--amik darah,minum air gula...timbang--naik lagi 62
6month-65-68.5  time ni baby baru 925g
7month- lpas balik induksi-70kg
8month 71.5 baby dah 2.3kg....wah...scary
9month...???????baby jgn bsar2 tau...

jom tgk baby n mumy development for 34 weeks

Week 34: You're Big and Beautiful, Mom!

Your Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy
-- By BabyFit

Your Baby This Week

A bouncing bundle of joy at 5 pounds (2.5 kg) and nearly 20 inches (51 cm), your baby's organs are almost fully matured with the exception of the lungs, which will continue to develop almost until birth.

Though you can't see your baby, her skin is turning from red to pink. While her fingernails are fully formed, the toenails still need more time to grow. Some babies will even have a full head of hair by this point.

Your Body This Week

You're probably starting to give serious thought to ideas like breastfeeding, labor and delivery. Now is a good time to begin discussing all your options with your health care provider. Meanwhile, baby is snoozing a lot, letting you run the show for a little while longer.

If you have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions already, they may become more frequent now (or you may start to experience them for the first time). These can be intense, but are much shorter in duration than the contractions you'll experience during real labor. Because your pelvis is rapidly expanding, it may begin to ache; your lower back is also feeling the strain of your growing baby. Getting off your feet as much as possible and lying on your left side will help a lot.

Friendly Fiber Facts

Fiber can be a pregnant woman's best friend. Especially one who is suffering from constipation or hemorrhoids. If you think fiber needs to taste like cardboard, you may be in for a surprise - peas, raspberries, apples, baked potatoes, whole wheat pasta and kidney beans are just a few delicious high-fiber options. BabyFit recommends that you get 20-35 grams of fiber every day. If you're not getting much now, build up your levels slowly and drink plenty of water. Get the facts about why fiber is so important and where to get it.

Big and Beautiful

You may be more aware of how your body looks now than at any time in your life. The changes and growth of the last several weeks may have you feeling self-conscious at best, like a beached walrus at worst. But big is beautiful for an expectant mother. It means you're doing what you can for a healthy pregnancy and giving your baby the best chance possible. Nothing is more wonderful than a healthy mother. So don't be afraid to continue with your strength training. You might be afraid it will cause you to bulk up even more, but that's not the case. If anything, strength exercises should help you tone up what you already have. Embrace how your body has evolved, and learn how to bounce your way to better fitness.

ok..itu litle baby
mumy n papa harap baby mudah dilahirkan nnt..

semua orang tak sabar nak tunggu baby keluar tau...

moga menjadi anak yg berjaya didunia dan akhirat..
p/s  cik han nk beli sepit rmbut kat bby nnt
papa nk beli rantai 
mumy...lagila mcm2 nk beli...

we all luv u...